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Updated August 18,2018

I have to apologize that I've been off of my feet - or off my foot rather, with a sprained ankle for about 3 weeks.  I hope to be able to get back out on the Ranch this coming week.

My cousin, Mario Atencio and his buddy, Chuck Lees fished the Ranch last on Saturday, August 14.  They reported that the water level has come down since the flow in the stabilization reservoir has been raised and we've been getting good rain since about the time we had the fire in La Veta Pass.  They caught a few fish but those that they did catch were fat and healthy.  Caddis pupae and annelids were the flies that seemed to produce for them.

The water is off-color which makes your approach easier.  As always, try to make your first cast into a spot count.  Work the areas outside of the fast water, where the fish can get a break from the current.  If you do land a fish, please take your time reviving it before you release it back into the river.  With the higher water temps, even a quick fight can stress the fish.

I'll post again once I'm on my feet.  Thanks for following my blog.

- Willie

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